I™ve just sold a Resale – single family property at 3672 Britton Rd in Bellingham. Come and visit my site to see other properties in that area. If you are interested in looking for or selling your home, please Contact Me.

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As you may have read in the Bellingham Herald….
We have experienced a drop in median price, and Lynden out preformed Bellingham. Things are still moving along, but in a more normal market. Where sellers need to plan ahead, list their home at the right price, and buyers have options with time to see several homes before choosing the one right for them! The lender issues have finally calmed down…and we are back on track.

100% financing is  still available for 1st time homebuyers, those that haven’t owned a home in 3 years, rural housing (North of Bakerview, East of Toad Lake…and including the Sudden Valley area) and owner financing options. 100% financing still exist, just not available for all properties.

Information provided by NW Multiple Listing Services.  
Email me to request specific stats in your neighborhood! Always feel free to call if you have any questions,

Residential Only

Whatcom Co


Barkley Area

Total Active Listings




AVG List Price




AVG Days on Market




Total  Pending   –  




Total Sold    - last 6 months




AVG Pending Price -




AVG Sold Price  -  last 6 months            




AVG  Pended Days on Market -




AVG Sold Days on Market  




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I™ve just sold a Resale – single family property at 1456 Lahti Drive in Bellingham. Come and visit my site to see other properties in that area. If you are interested in looking for or selling your home, please Contact Me.

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Bellingham’s Silver Beach neighborhoodhas quite the history.   Originally waaaayyyy back when in the early 1900′s Silver Beach had a hotel, Farris wheel and park.   It must have been a site to see!  Bloedel-Donovan Park, located on the east side of Lake Whatcom, is a 20-acre park is filled with sunbathers, picnics, bbq, family gatherings, swimmers, and dog owners!

Miles of trails await runners, walkers, or park-goers who simply want to stroll from Bloedel-Donovan to Whatcom Falls. Bird watchers can take advantage of Scudder Pond, a preserved wetland that is always bustling with wildlife. Some backyards are simply a gate away from this wildlife, essentially having an entire park behind the house. When I lived in the Silver Beach area, deer walked through my back yard on a regular basis…nature at your window!

The nearby Silver Beach Elementary School, originated in 1912 and remodeled in 1992. The area is filled with many different types of housing. The Silver Beach neighborhood  boasts some of the only affordable lakefront homes in the area. Condominiums are available in the northeast area of Lake Whatcom, perfect for those who need water more than square feet or who want the perfect summer getaway.

A favorite quick stop for all going through or to the Silver Beach area is the Silver Beach Grocery!   It is great to go to a place that knows your name!   Stop by some time!   Enjoy the beauty of this neighborhood!

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Things you need to ask when interviewing a Realtor ®

How long have you been selling Real Estate?
“If you make it past two years in this business, that is an accomplishment!”   Look for someone who has been around the block…several times! Find out how many homes they have sold.

What do you know about the market in my area?
Find out what they know about your neighborhood.   In Bellingham there are so many different areas.   The market truly is unique to each area.   Barkley is “my hood.” I live here and I work here. For Barkley Market Stats go to my website, or give me a call!

What is your average market time vs. the market?
How good are they? This statistic will tell you if they price the property right, and if they market it right! Just so you know, it is a Buyer’s market and homes are taking almost twice as long to sale as they did in years past!   The market    average is  99 days my average is 86 days.

What is your list to sales price   ratio vs. the market?
This is where the rubber meets the road! How well was the house priced?   The longer a home stays on the market, the lower the sales price goes. The     market ratio is 96.08 %   my ratio is 98.83%. Gone are the days with ratios over 100%..darn it!

Do you provide an activity report to sellers?
“Yes, I will call you every week,” is  usually the answer. Hopefully they do. Ask for a copy of this report. I have a written report, and an online report.       It is available to my clients 24/7. You can check it out on my website.         Communication is key.   However you want to get the information is how it should be delivered; telephone, mail, email, online…meet your need.

Do   you have a marketing plan?
Get a copy of it.   Do they have it in writing.   Is it more than the 7 P’s?

Put a sign on the property..
Put an ad in the paper.
Plead with their office to show it.
Place the property in the MLS
Possibly try an open house.
Panic when you call for updates.
Pray that it sells! This one does help!!!
Of course I have one, call me if you want to see it!!! This is vital to the successful selling of your home!

Do you have an assistant to help with details?
What’s key here is finding out how they keep your important transaction details from falling through the cracks! An assistant, office support staff, online   database, systems, systems, systems.   And yes, I have all of the above!

May I see your resume or personal brochure?
Be happy if they can produce this in writing!   It gives you something to chew on after you have met with them. Ask questions about them.   Get to know who they are….always hire some one who “gets” you.   This is a journey, and you want a partner who will make it educational, fun, and profitable!

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Nearly 4,000 people living in Bellingham rental housing here now qualify for help in buying or building homes, after new income limits increased significantly for the first time in four years.

Be sure to check out the income guidelines below.   If you qualify, now it the time to contact one of the agencies listed below.   They will guide you through the process, and explain the ins and outs of their particular program.

These organizations provide excellent opportunities for those who wish to own their own peice of Bellingham Real Estate!


The federal government recently released new income limits that qualify more families for help in getting their own homes.
$35,300: the amount a household of one can earn.
$40,300: two-person household limit.
$45,350: three-person household limit.
$50,400: four-person household limit.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

For more information
Kulshan Community Land Trust: 671-5600 or KCLT.org
Whatcom-Skagit Housing: 398-0223 or whatcomskagit housing.com
Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County: 715-9170 or hfhwhatcom.org

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Connect Realty

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If you or someone you know values making a difference by being part of a team , and cherishes the freedom that comes with results-oriented responsibility, we think you™ve found your new home with the most comprehensive  real estate company in America.If you™re ready to join a real team and use our simple support systems and training to begin over-promising then over-delivering, let™s get started.But – if you™re ready to learn why and how Connect will revolutionize the way you™ll help your clients buy and sell homes and how you get paid, please allow us the privilege of showing you what to expect.

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Send a reply with a confidential request for additional information….Or go straight to the source!

This is one of those decisions that takes time, and yet, a couple of years from now…you might regret not getting connected!

Feel free to give me a call and find out  why, after studying Brokerage Models for almost a year…I chose Connect Realty!   360-441-5882 or email me!

Want to take a FREE fun test?   We are ready for you…are you ready for us?

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Residential growth has taken place throughout our BarkleyLiving.com area, including the Northern Heights neighborhood.   This suburban development is located on the eastern city limits of Bellingham.   Most of the single family homes were built in the early 1990′s.   This is a quiet neighborhood with sidewalks, streetlights, a central greenspace and park.   Many Northern Heights residents enjoy beautiful views of the Canadian Cascades and all residents can walk or bike to Northern Heights Elementary and Squalicum High- where local children learn and play!   Take a look at what is listed for sale in this wonderful neighborhood.

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Tweed Twenty….is a quiet neighborhood located in our BarkleyLiving.com area, with it’s debut in the early 1970′s. This neighborhood features mature, beautiful northwest landscaping and provides it’s residents with affordable housing just minutes to Lake Whatcom and Barkley Village. With Silver Beach on one side and Northern Heights on the other, this community enjoys its neighbors. Residents can walk to Northern Heights Elementary, Squalicum High, Silver Beach Elementary and the popular Bellingham trail system! Please take a look at what is currently listed for sale in this established neighborhood!

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Plenty of choices here.   In
Bellingham, WA there are about 100 homes on the market between $290,000 and $350,000, with only 11 pending.There are several in this range that are just flat over priced, not good investments.   We will be seeing those on the market for a while!   For example, a 1970′s home in an older neighborhood with 1600 square feet for $292,000.   Some one needs a reality check!
However, the options in this range do offer some great deals for brand new homes with around 1600 square feet, newer homes with up to 2000 square feet…all in great condition and in good neighborhoods.   Or perhaps you like the older Craftsman or Victorian homes that are good condition, with smaller square footage!  
Bellingham does have many neighborhood styles to choose from!What is rare to find in this range is a view.   Those cost more money!There is plenty of shopping in this range…so start looking!   This is also the range you are most likely to get sellers to work with you on closing costs, or pricing!

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